15 Juillet 2019 à 10h45 - 577

Making some yacht

A yacht is a five-star hotel floated on the sea. Whether it is 16m or 40m in length, it is a delight for families who rent it for a few hours, a few days or just one night. If the yacht is classified in the rental of luxuries, there are other alternatives, and it is through private agencies that we realize our dream.

The aesthetics of a luxury trip

When the whole family has a busy schedule all year round, a week-long break is worth it. And we plan to escape the city and its sounds and eclipse in nature, or at sea. The latter is a good idea that is in vogue this year. Renting a boat by private agencies. Everything happens online, booking at the last minute for two weeks before departure or even the day of departure, it's exciting no.

We are looking for a destination

The vast majority of customers who rent a luxury yacht must navigate it, travel the Mediterranean Sea and visit the Balearic Islands. Whatever your destination (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca...), you will have the opportunity to have a port where you can moor the boat and be able to take a tour of one of these islands in Spain. You can also use luxury yachts to navigate the Mediterranean Sea, contemplate the sea views that offer you to be at the top of a yacht and to swim in the sea, in total tranquility and privacy.

Then know some basics of basic navigation

You can manage pleasure boats up to 7.5 meters long if it is a motor boat or 8 meters long if it is sailing. Of course, you cannot go further than 5 miles, although you can drive jet skis. Based on these two points, you can now choose the yacht of your dreams.

It is important to remember the name of the boat, because every time we signal our position, we pronounce the name of the boat.